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November 2022 - Health Blog Entry

  1st November 2022: Not much changes with the month, aches and pains continue. My eye is still a blur, no real sign of improvement, which is really pissing me off now big time. I'm supposed to be driving down to Surrey on 20th December to dog sit, at this moment in time I fear I won't be doing that. EDIT: I've been passed for driving, given the all clear by a field vision test So fed up with life, fed up of not being able to go places driving my self.  22nd November: For a while now, a number of years, I've been sick at least once a day. Not sure why, but there is no pattern to it, no set time of day. It's annoying, and a bit worrying, I also hear my stomach and intestines making noises. On top of this my left eye is still all a blur. 29th November: So as another month comes to an end, I am due to start more zapping of laser this time on my right eye (when my left one isn't clear to see out of yet!). On the plus side I am no longer on insulin and the doctor

Eye have a long wait

  25th May 2022 6:50am -  Up early.... Ok, ok, I'm just awake, still under the duvet here. Got to get up though as I have got a hospital appointment this morning.  It is just a bit wet outside this morning. Let you know how I get on later (once i can see what I am typing!, it's an eye appointment) 9:45am - Just got to the hospital, corridor 7 here I come.... phone going on flight mode 1:50pm - Been home from the hospital since 11am, but only now seeing what I can type! So, had the eye appointment, actually saw the one that would be doing the op, the main consultant surgeon.  Now I know 'what they' will be doing. Removing the eye gel and the blood from the eye, then doing laser zapping to sort out the floaters at the back of the eye, and then put a new lense in for distance. The 'when they' is a long way off... September towards October, depending on the waiting list.  I just want it done, want to enjoy my life and the world again. 2:30pm - Feeling a tad depr