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Feeling fed up

  I'm feeling fed up. My health is really getting to me big time. My fortnightly injection seems to not be as efficiant as it used to be, my medication seems to be less good at doing what it should be doing. Now I know I can't be put on anything stronger as my stomach wont be able to deal with it... damn having a fragile one! I decided at the start of the new year to keep pushing to find a job to do. Now I know I am limited, but do know what I am good at.  I have been looking for social media roles, because I know I am good at that, and back during the pandemic did an online course on it that I passed. I am also looking for radio and tv work, as I have experiance of both, and again during the pandemic, did a basic online journalism course. I keep getting knocked back, and know the reason why. It's not because of lack of skills or determination, it is the fact I have health issues and companies would rather take on someone who is fully able bodied and fit.  This makes me so

Eye Issue, Diabetes, Jabs and Mental Health

Really fed up with my left eye. Floaters and blurriness.  Went to the hospital on Monday, had eye drops and then pictures taken. Went in to get eye examined. The specialist confirmed that there had been a bleed at the back of the eye, but couldn't see the source of it, so decided not to zap with laser to fix the issue. My eye seems to be producing lots of gunk, keep having to wipe clean, some mornings have to unstick my left eye. Using gentle eye drops which seem to help. A further appointment for Monday 13th December has been made, so this blog post will be updated further then. Now, the eye problem is diabetes related, on the Friday before I saw the diabetic nurse, good news, blood sugars are down close to where they should be, it is still the intention to get me off the Insullin as soon as is possible. Also my cholesterol is in a good place.  While in with the nurse, I chatted to her about how I was feeling. Told her that I am fed up, and that I can't bring mysel

Phil's Video Blog 228 - Health

Phil's Video Blog 228 - Health: floaters and blurriness in my left eye, really dragging me down, got appointment on Monday at hospital. PLUS I got bored the other day, so decided to have a play with some Instagram filters! NOW, why not check out some designs that I have created if you suffer with Chronic Pain or Fibromyalgia Chronic Pain - visit Fibromyalgia - visit You can get the designs on a tee-shirt, hoodie, bag, badge or even a mug! Don't forget my radio shows , which you can listen again via Saturday Breakfast - 7am til 10am via In The Groove, Saturday - 10pm til 11pm via In The Groove, Sunday - 11pm til 12mn via Check me out on the socials: has the full links Skype @philengland1 I