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Recipe: Cornflakes coated chicken

Cornflakes coated chicken Inspired by Nigella  In a bowl mix together the following Mustard (of your choice - dijon, whole grain or French) Two cloves of garlic (grated) Egg (to combine) mix well until all ingredients are combined. To this add 2 chicken breast fillets flattened into escallops, let them bathe for a while, while you prepare the coating. In another dish pour some cornflakes , massage them into crumbs, add some paprika or cayenne pepper ( depending on your taste ), mix together. Take the chicken out of your mustard mixture and coat in the cornflakes, make sure you coat well. Fry in a pan until the chicken is cooked. Serve with a nice salad. I used honey nut cornflakes, which wasn't right for the dish due to the sweetness, but the nuttieness worked, I also added chives to the cornflakes. See a video online at

Baked Sausage & Beans (with added footnote tip)

Baked Sausage & Beans Here's a simple and quick meal. Here's what you need 1 pack of sausages 1 onion 1 tin of baked beans To start with gently fry a chopped onion, once fried put onion in to a casserole dish. In the same frying pan fry your sausages until lightly browned. Add the sausages to your casserole dish. Open your tin of baked beans and add on top of your sausages and onion, finally since out your bean tin and add the water. Cook in the oven for around half hour to 45 minutes on about gas mark 7. Serve with microwave rice of your own choice. Instead of baked beans you could use barbecue baked beans for a smoky taste. You could add paprika or maybe even garlic granules. FOOTNOTE TIP:  Here's an idea to add another dimension, why not add salami to the top if it for a spicy hit