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Phil's Video Blog 224

Phil's Video Blog 224 - What a week for horrible weather its been!, and it is turning yucky again today, as I type this at home in Swansea! Halloween is here, kids going out to do 'Trick or Treat', but with Covid cases still on the rise, think to yourself, is it wise? Plus a plug for my new show that starts on Islands FM on Saturday 6th November - check out NOW, why not check out some designs that I have created if you suffer with Chronic Pain or Fibromyalgia Chronic Pain - visit Fibromyalgia - visit You can get the designs on a tee-shirt, hoodie, bag, badge or even a mug! Don't forget my radio shows , which you can listen again via Saturday Breakfast - 7am til 10am via In The Groove, Sunday - 11pm til 12mn via SOON In The Groove, Saturday - 10pm til 11pm via