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In To July - Monday 4th - Wednesday 6th July

  Blog Entry: Monday 4th July Morning everyone, back killing me, neck feels tender, hay fever seems to be appearing again Later that day: Pain flare up 😭 going to try and lay down and attempt to get sleep. Blog Entry: Tuesday 5th July Didn't sleep too well, pain kept waking me up. At this moment in time it's at about 8 out of 10, think at its peak it was 9 out of 10 so a slight reduction Later in the morning: Pain slowly subsiding, its about a 7 out of 10 right now as of 11:30am Edit - 5:40pm: Still in great pain, it's at about 7.5 out of 10.   Edit - 8:30pm: Still in pain, it's at about 7 out of 10 now, going to put a CBD patch on, few more CBD oil drops and head to bed for an early night.   I have got a hospital appointment coming up on the 7 th July, you watch, I will be in a good day that day THOUGHT You know, trying to voice track a show when in pain takes a while to do, and can really hurt, yet I keep pushing myself. I enjoy doing radio, gives me

Right teams up with Left

Feeling fed up right now. My blurry eye is pissing me off right now and the floaters I can see too, the 25th May can't come soon enough. Fed up of my aches and pains. On the 8th May it was my birthday, I needed to get out. Managed a short walk around Clyne and then the Marina, all the time in pain, but trying to keep going. My left hip has been playing up for a while, and now the right one seems to want to join in. It's like my entire body is ganging up on me. Co-codamol, Gabapentin and CBD oil - the three things that help reduce, but not much. Now, why is CBD oil so expensive? Monday I went to see Juliet, she understands what I am going through. Had a hot chocolate and a catch up chat. I wonder when hospital appointments are going to start back up again? I really need a letter to get me moved out in to a ground floor flat. St Thomas or Mount Pleasant would be cool for me.