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December 2022 - Brrrr what a cold one

  December - the start of Winter... photo taken by Philip England And since the start of this month I have been without my Imraldi injection, this has seemed to cause more issues for my body to deal with, seems the fibromyalgia has taken note of this and been playing with me. I couldn't get my Ozempic, once weekly injection for my diabetes. Nowhere in Swansea had the 1mg dosage I normally have, I phoned NHS111 and even they couldn't locate any stock in the whole of South or West Wales. My GP, Dr Burke, managed to find out that my chemist had the 0.5mg dosage variety, so will have to double up on that one for now. This cold weather hasn't helped matters. My breathing has been hurting, I've been in pain my back and other parts, and haven't really been able to keep warm and stay warm. I’ve once again had issues with sickness first thing, especially today, Friday 16th December. Not too sure why, but took half a day to clear. Speaking of things clearing, my left eye is s

November 2022 - Health Blog Entry

  1st November 2022: Not much changes with the month, aches and pains continue. My eye is still a blur, no real sign of improvement, which is really pissing me off now big time. I'm supposed to be driving down to Surrey on 20th December to dog sit, at this moment in time I fear I won't be doing that. EDIT: I've been passed for driving, given the all clear by a field vision test So fed up with life, fed up of not being able to go places driving my self.  22nd November: For a while now, a number of years, I've been sick at least once a day. Not sure why, but there is no pattern to it, no set time of day. It's annoying, and a bit worrying, I also hear my stomach and intestines making noises. On top of this my left eye is still all a blur. 29th November: So as another month comes to an end, I am due to start more zapping of laser this time on my right eye (when my left one isn't clear to see out of yet!). On the plus side I am no longer on insulin and the doctor

Eye Op

 EYE OP Thursday 13th October, 5:45am  Well I am up, not sure if I'm awake yet, but out of bed and getting sorted. Eye op this morning 7:23am  In Singleton ward 2... Got butterflies in my stomach!,In case I get lost ... It's got my name and address on it! Im 2nd on the list, should have the op at about 10:30/11am Well the op went OK, the worst bit was having the anesthetic put in to numb the eye and have it frozen. Had to lay on my front for an hour, then on my side for 45 mins. At the time I was due to be picked up, everyone vanished, I was still on a trolley beside my hospital bed, couldn't  get off it to get to my phone! Eventually I was released from the trolley and was told I had to eat something, so had an egg sandwich and a decent cup of tea!,  At home now, got to sleep on my left side, and for next 4 days when awake I have to spend 45 mins out of every hour laying down or with my head resting to the left. Currently have a hard plastic patch on (which is soooo annoyi

September 2022

  In to September we go, and not a good start to it really... I haven't been feeling too good the last few days, not too sure how I am today yet either, but I was just sick, so that's not good. I just want to be well and not in pain any more, and have the vision back in my left eye. At long last, got my eye surgery appointment date . 14th Sept to have pre op check, 19th for Covid test (I think), then have to self isolate so I don't catch anything until 22nd Sept - operation day. 8th September: The passing of HRH Queen Elizabeth II , what a massive part of life she has been, always there to look up to, and who's kind words soothed the nation, especially during the pandemic. It really feels like part of the world has been taken away, my heart is aching. 11th September: Slight pain flare up, not too bad, about a 7.5 out of 10 12th September, 4am: Just woke up and was sick, don't feel too good. On the plus side the pain seems to have subsided, its at about a 6 out of

Late August Update 2023

Blog Entry: 24th August: Fibromyalgia pain flareup again - pain level 8 out of 10, I'm in agony, lower back and hips seem to be the worst  Not too sure why, but with each flare up I seem to get a few days either side of it when my back goes itchy and all I want to do is scratch until I can scratch no more! Blog Entry: 25th August: Well, it's Thursday, and after pain killers and CBD oil before an early night, I can say I'm ready to tackle the day. The flare up has well and truly been knocked down, pain level at about a 3 out of 10.  So it's a case of up and at it. Have a good day everyone. To those affected by the Liverpool shooting the other day, my thoughts are with you, it's a nasty thing to have happened, and God willing, it won't happen again.  But life goes on, and if we let things like this get to us we will just give up on living.