March in to a new month

March it is then, a new month and St. David’s Day!, just had to escape the flat today so ended up in Gloucester with Neil. Not too bad a day out all be it a bit cold and damp.


Thursday 2nd March: Well after yesterday, I am in agony today. My back and my left hip are in great pain, lower back is the worst! 


I hope it eases soon. The sun is out and shining in the window so will sit with my back to the window so the sun can work its magic, would rather the heat of the sun than force myself to take co-codamol.

Saturday 4th March: So, it is Saturday, and I feel bored, trapped and stuck in a rut. 
Look what happened when I tried to break out on Wednesday.... I caught a chill, and to make things worse, the friend I took with me also caught a chill.... I feel guilty 
I'm too scared to try getting out of the rut I am stuck in again in case I catch something else!, you know, I think I may be becoming paranoid….

Wednesday 8th March: It's a snow day, and I'm sure I've got a cold coming on... Pain is at about a 5 out of 10 today.

Thursday 9th March: Feeling like crap, every move is agony, throat feels like I've swallowed a ton of gravel it hurts to drink my orange juice. This yucky cold has teamed up with the fibromyalgia - pain at a 9 out of 10.

Tuesday 14th March: Stomach feels dodgy this morning, trying to take my morning meds and when I tried to swallow them felt like I was going to be sick and bring them back up, not a nice feeling. Pain at about 6 out of 10 so far today.

Middle to End of March: So as March continued to its end, not much changed. Aches and pains continued, feeling very tired and wanting to sleep as much as possible. Went to see my doctor because of hearing my heart beat in my ear. Turns out my blood pressure and heart rate is high.  I need to monitor it over the next week or so.


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