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Late August Update 2023

Blog Entry: 24th August: Fibromyalgia pain flareup again - pain level 8 out of 10, I'm in agony, lower back and hips seem to be the worst  Not too sure why, but with each flare up I seem to get a few days either side of it when my back goes itchy and all I want to do is scratch until I can scratch no more! Blog Entry: 25th August: Well, it's Thursday, and after pain killers and CBD oil before an early night, I can say I'm ready to tackle the day. The flare up has well and truly been knocked down, pain level at about a 3 out of 10.  So it's a case of up and at it. Have a good day everyone. To those affected by the Liverpool shooting the other day, my thoughts are with you, it's a nasty thing to have happened, and God willing, it won't happen again.  But life goes on, and if we let things like this get to us we will just give up on living.

Blog Entry: 23rd June 2022

  Blog Entry: 23 rd June 2022 Since the last entry, my pain has been between 3 and 6 out of 10 . I did have a flare up on the 17 th June , that came on in the afternoon, which my friend’s dog, Nero, picked up on, he stayed by my side all afternoon until he went home. On the 18 th June my left knee decided to give way, and was weak for most of the weekend. I dog sat a friend’s 2 dogs, the biggest of the two, Cosmo (pictured), really looked after me, my following me around the flat and standing right by my left knee, I think he was trying to hold me up! I had a dentist appointment on the 22 nd June, a check-up. I have to go back on the 13 th July for three fillings. Say hello to Cosmo!

Eye Issue, Diabetes, Jabs and Mental Health

Really fed up with my left eye. Floaters and blurriness.  Went to the hospital on Monday, had eye drops and then pictures taken. Went in to get eye examined. The specialist confirmed that there had been a bleed at the back of the eye, but couldn't see the source of it, so decided not to zap with laser to fix the issue. My eye seems to be producing lots of gunk, keep having to wipe clean, some mornings have to unstick my left eye. Using gentle eye drops which seem to help. A further appointment for Monday 13th December has been made, so this blog post will be updated further then. Now, the eye problem is diabetes related, on the Friday before I saw the diabetic nurse, good news, blood sugars are down close to where they should be, it is still the intention to get me off the Insullin as soon as is possible. Also my cholesterol is in a good place.  While in with the nurse, I chatted to her about how I was feeling. Told her that I am fed up, and that I can't bring mysel