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Talking Point Food Love Vegi Bake

After going to 3 Toby 's in the past week...  Monday: https:// /restaurants/midlands/ quintonbirmingham #/ Wednesday:   https:// /restaurants/wales/ thecockleshellswansea #/ Friday:   https:// /restaurants/wales/ whitchurchcardiff #/   I decided to try to recreate something.... Just put together a vegetable bake. Part boiled some sliced potatoes and carrots, then into a creamy mushroom sauce added grated garlic and English mustard, shook it up.  Layered up the carrots and potatoes and put some of the sauce, put in a small tin of sweetcorn, more sauce, then the rest of the carrots and potatoes and the rest of the sauce. It's in the oven ready to bake later  It would go well with smoked haddock, smoked cod or the cheaper smoked white fish  Oh yes, Saturday Kitchen is on BBC One at 10am on Saturday! Photo will be here later! What dish have you tried to recreate from a restaurant?