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September 2022

  In to September we go, and not a good start to it really... I haven't been feeling too good the last few days, not too sure how I am today yet either, but I was just sick, so that's not good. I just want to be well and not in pain any more, and have the vision back in my left eye. At long last, got my eye surgery appointment date . 14th Sept to have pre op check, 19th for Covid test (I think), then have to self isolate so I don't catch anything until 22nd Sept - operation day. 8th September: The passing of HRH Queen Elizabeth II , what a massive part of life she has been, always there to look up to, and who's kind words soothed the nation, especially during the pandemic. It really feels like part of the world has been taken away, my heart is aching. 11th September: Slight pain flare up, not too bad, about a 7.5 out of 10 12th September, 4am: Just woke up and was sick, don't feel too good. On the plus side the pain seems to have subsided, its at about a 6 out of