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Back at Tircoed

So after months of having Karl Burtonshaw trying to get me to start back at Swansea's only community radio station he has succeded! I'm back!  Karl is a very  persistant chap! I startted back on 20th April with my show, In The Groove , which airs on a Saturday evening between 6pm and 8pm, LIVE. If you have followed me for a while you will know what the show is all about, it remains that but with added extras, such as local content. Also on board at the station is Shaun Tilley, ex-Swansea Sound & The Wave plus BBC and other stations. He is a radio legend and someone I have been following the career of over time. He has big plans for the station, which, at time of typing this blog, is not public knowledge, so won't be put here until it is. I've been made part of the management team going forward, which is a massive honor for me, and shows that someone who is in the know in the radio world has faith in me. I've been a big part of Radio Tircoed's past. I was the

CCSC School Radio

  I’m 46 now, I caught the radio bug when I was 16 when I went to the Prince Philip Hospital in Llanelli to visit the hospital radio station there, Radio BGM . It was very interesting and it got my imagination. I volunteered there for a number of years. In 2002 I started recording voice tracks for an online radio station . In 2003 I joined Xtreme 1431 in Swansea University, their AM signal was heard over the whole city of Swansea and beyond during the daytime. I was there until 2004. While there I found out about Laser Broadcasting who were aiming to go for the Swansea wide licence that was coming up. They didn’t win it, but I did get on air with them on a RSL ( trial ) station in Oxford and also Hereford. 2004 was a hectic year for me. As I joined the on-air team at RSL station, WHAM! Radio 1449AM , where I presented weekday over nights and Saturday breakfast. Also, in 2004 I joined up with Nevill Hall Sound at Abergavenny’s Nevill Hall hospital. The station broadcas