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I’m 46 now, I caught the radio bug when I was 16 when I went to the Prince Philip Hospital in Llanelli to visit the hospital radio station there, Radio BGM. It was very interesting and it got my imagination. I volunteered there for a number of years.

In 2002 I started recording voice tracks for an online radio station.

In 2003 I joined Xtreme 1431 in Swansea University, their AM signal was heard over the whole city of Swansea and beyond during the daytime. I was there until 2004.

While there I found out about Laser Broadcasting who were aiming to go for the Swansea wide licence that was coming up. They didn’t win it, but I did get on air with them on a RSL (trial) station in Oxford and also Hereford.

2004 was a hectic year for me. As I joined the on-air team at RSL station, WHAM! Radio 1449AM, where I presented weekday over nights and Saturday breakfast.

Also, in 2004 I joined up with Nevill Hall Sound at Abergavenny’s Nevill Hall hospital. The station broadcast on 1287AM and covered the hospital and all of Abergavenny

I really got stuck in there and went from being a presenter with one show a week to becoming Programme Controller and station Head of Production. I was there until 2008.

Towards the end of 2004 I joined a community group called ‘Dragon Bands’ which worked with children, teenagers and young adults. Wile there I became a trustee, and also set up an internet radio station. Sadly, the station and the group are no longer. I was with them until 2014.

In August of 2005 I found myself on board a light ship in Cardiff docks, presenting on a one weekend long station called CSN Radio that broadcast on 87.7FM, this was different.

In 2008 I joined the team at community station Radio Tircoed in Swansea, the station broadcast online and 106.5FM, the signal covers West Swansea, South East Carmarthenshire and most of Eastern Gower. I was kept very busy while there as you can see bellow!

During my time there I was Station & Studio Manager, Programme Controller, Fundraiser, Sales, Webmaster and Presenter on the community station. I edited a number of adverts and promos together, which I then scheduled.  More recently I added podcasts to the website that I was working on until my departure, which showcased the speech side of the stations output. While there I used Adobe Audition, Myriad and Auto Track on a regular basis. I departed there in 2010.

After departing Radio Tircoed I found myself back at Radio BGM, the hospital station I started at for a few years presenting one show a week until I left there in 2016.

I had a burst of activity again in the 2010s. As well as rejoining Radio BGM I was also to be found at the following

2011 – current: Bro Radio in Barry, a community station where I presented a regular weekly show as well as covering for a few other shows during the week.

2012 – 2014: Radio Mumbles, which a good friend of mine set up, I worked on the website as well as the studio and production, as well as presenting a regular show. The station is going from strength to strength. It had one frequency 98.1FM, recently it added 100.2FM, it will shortly be adding 106.1FM (Q4 of 2021) and 98.4FM (Q1 of 2022). Also in 2022 they hope to join DAB in Cardiff.

2015 (for a month) I was out of my comfort zone, in Manchester at Asian Sound Radio, they broadcast on DAB as well as 963AM & 1377AM. While there I was keeping their social media channels updated and also covered a few shows and recorded two adverts. I left there for health reasons

In September 2015 I had to take a break from things to get my health back in shape. I had come down with pneumonia which was not nice at all.

In 2016 I got back into the swing of things radio wise after finally recovering. As we all know the pandemic hit in 2020. As it turned out the cloud of Covid had a gold lining for me, as I ended up with Moorlands Radio’s sister station, Moorlands Gold where I currently present Saturday Breakfast.  I also record a weekly show at Bro Radio called In The Groove that goes out Sunday evenings.

I have set up where you can hear bits of past audio.

Here are links to some past demos I have recorded that I hope you will enjoy listening to.



DEMO 2020:



There are a number of different platforms that stations broadcast on, plus if you are passionate about one thing why not go in to recording your own podcasts?

Things I have learnt along the way. Be yourself, prep for whatever show you end up doing and enjoy it. That is basically it!

I do hope you have found this of use and interest to you.

Take care and stay safe.

This blog and its content is meant for the use of CCSC School Radio and its students. Any audio content that links go to may be used by CCSC for the purpose of education / entertainment only. It can not be used for anything else.


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