July 2023


As a new month starts, my lavender in the garden is looking good, the sweet peas have grown bloomed and are now looking a mess!, not seen many bumblebees about, hope the fuzzy little things are ok.

Picked up my glasses from Specsavers, very happy with them, I also ordered two pairs from Glasses Direct, happy with those as well.

This month is the month for getting back out in to life, I've booked to hire a camper van and am going to a music festival, volunteering at Big Love.
It's been a while, but it has to be done. 

My diabetes is under control, the diabetic nurse phoned and is happy, appointment made for later in the month to see her.

Aches and pains - yes, still there, and the fibromyalgia is up to its tricks again!

Well, I managed Big Love Festival, I managed the crowds, my anxiety did show its face in the form of sickness and stomach aches, but I did it. Life and socialising can resume for me now proper! I am so proud of myself for pushing me to do it. Hired a camper van from Gower Coast Campervans, a fantastic VW Transporter conversion. Decided to do one festival a year, and do it in a campervan. One problem, 2024 sees Big Love clash with Nozstock! – ooooh eeeer

I’m no longer on Semaglutide injections, the new diabetic nurse has decided to stop it. Have noticed my blood sugar levels are a little higher, but not too bad.

Got two appointments next week, one with the hospital that is dealing with my Ankylosing Spondylitis.  

As I type this it’s 28th July, and yesterday I somehow cut my finger while opening a tin, earlier today was outside in the garden doing a few light bits and knocked it, it started bleeding again! went inside and cleaned it up and bandaged it up, just now bumped it on the computer desk….. ouch, at this rate it will never heal! 

I’m thinking of publishing this, in book form, in September…. See how things pan out!


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