March & Early April 2022 Health Update

9th & 10th MARCH

Yesterday afternoon (9th March):

Not feeling too good, back killing me to the extent it is painful to breathe, was alright when I woke up. Feeling really drained and a little sick. Pain killers just not helping 

Laying on my bed, hot water bottle in middle of back, heat is helping a little, this could be a very long afternoon

This morning (10th March):

Back a bit better, after about 6 hot water bottles and a nights sleep, still hurts when I take deep breaths, so even that's an improvement. 

Wednesday 30th MARCH
So, another day in excruciating pain (9 out of 10), tingly skin, thumping head, took me a while to pick my phone up  and type this... it is only 3am. Hate this feeling, no amount of CBD oil or co-codamol will have any affect and being woke up by it really sucks.

It's 7am and I am still in great pain all over, can hardly move, so fed up. 
I must try and get up... somehow, can't spend all day in bed, knowing the kitchen needs a clean is driving me nuts!

Finally out of bed, it's gonna be a slow moving day, I think I was just over taken by a sloth on the way to the wardrobe 

Been in agony all day, not accomplished a thing, fed up of feeling drained and washed out with days like this, fed up of being exhausted while in tremendous pain

This isn't a life I want for myself or my worst enemy, it really isn't. Not felt like eating either.

Thursday 31st March: Still in pain but it is easing slowly (8 out of 10 on my scale)
Friday 1st April: Pain finally subsided to a deal able level (6 out of 10 on my scale, so still not low enough) 

Saturday 2nd APRIL 
Pain at an ok level (5 out of 10) 

Got hospital this afternoon for my left eye problem, been blurry since end of 2021, think this is a pre-op as they want to see my medication list.

Well after the appointment yesterday, I went to lay down for a few hours, and ended up sleeping right through. My op should be at some point in mid April.

Sunday 3rd APRIL
I'm fed up, in pain (6 out of 10) and bored with life. 

Want to get out and do things, but my left eye being all a blur is making life unbearable. I can't enjoy a thing, a drive, a walk in nature or watching tv.
I'm so frustrated, at my hospital appointment yesterday I made them aware of this fact.


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