In Memoriam Debra Bowring

On Wednesday 31st March 2021, we lost a dear friend, Debra Bowring. I first met her at Wham! Radio in Blaenavon back in April 2004, and worked along side her during the month long trial station in May. I often heard stories of her past, where she would tell me of the television series and films she had worked on. 

She had worked in the entertainment industry for 58 years, starting in the cutting rooms as a film and sound editor at Movietonews in the 1950s. She worked on what was to become a cult classic of all time, 2001: A Space Odyssey.

She also worked on The Killing Fields and A Room With a View. She got to work along side David Niven, Donald Sutherland, John Hurt and Lawrence Olivier, as well as film directors Roman Polanski and Stanley Kubrick. She also worked on some great television series, including The Sweeney, Special Branch and Monkey.

After the trial radio broadcast, I continued to work along side her at Nevill Hall Sound in Abergavenny. She taught me so much that I have continued to use in my current life. I really want to thank her, as I owe her a lot.

She was one in a million and a true friend. After my Mum passed away she would phone to find out how I was doing, talking to her really helped me keep it together.

I did loose touch in her final years, knowing her health was going down hill made me feel a bit guilty for doing so. She was a fighter, and always kept going no matter what life threw at her.

I guess those that knew her can reflect on that, and what a unique and wonderful person Debra was.  We will all miss her, but with all our fond memories of her, she will continue to live on in our hearts and minds.

Rest in peace Debra, god bless.

Written by Philip England, 4th April 2021

comments follow from her dear friends


  1. Always remember to tune in to DEB'S OPEN HOUSE
    Broadcast every Tuesday and Thursday
    Without fail Debra would travel from Blaenavon to Pontypool,
    Change buses for a trip to Abergavenny, walk in all weather conditions to Nevill Hall Hospital,
    which is quite a walk to do her show twice a week and then make the return journey back to Blaenavon and if you know Blaenavon it was no small feat.
    Thats what i call old school commitment.
    I loved her to bits, she was a true friend that you could always rely on.
    Her shows were Quality with a capital Q
    More stories to follow no doubt.
    That's it Deb keep adjusting your mike.

  2. ps Thanks to Phil for setting up this Memoriam

  3. I remember visiting Debs at her home and on occasions when she came to Cardiff to see various new film releases in Cineworld. When i went to abergavenny she would meet me at the bus station despite her poor health and after a long chat we would watch some film clips on her new TV and sound system she always bought the best equipment and in the last few years setup a Dolby Atmos sound System. We were always chatting about the technical aspects of film and editing so i learnt a lot about the early days of film production, sadly that has all changed to digital projection now. Debs was an amazing lady and told me about her early days in film production, I loved all that technical chat that i have never found before in other friends. Sadly we lost touch in the last year due to the Covid Pandemic but I was still able to phone her to keep in touch. Debs you will be missed by many, we hope you are at rest now.


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