UK and the EU

So the people on the UK have had the vote, to 'remain' in or 'leave' the EU... the vote was a close one to leave, which has caused no end of problems.

The pound has lost value, companies have decided to ditch the UK and its workers and shift to other countries, Scotland want to go it alone and Northern Ireland wants to reunite with Eire and leave the UK.

David Cameron is to stand down ( real loss there then!), Jeremy Corbyn won't stand down from Labour even though he cabinet is jumping ship.

One thing that Labour said during it's 'leave' campaign was that the NHS was to get an extra £350m a week... which they now say 'sorry this won't happen' a out and out lie from them then - which when people saw this made people vote

Plaid Cymru leader, Leanne Wood said in Cardiff earlier today 'We have to hold the leave campaigners to the vow they made during the EU campaign, including an extra £350m for the NHS every week.
We need to make sure the people of Wales did not vote on the basis of a lie'
There has been a petition that people have signed calling for the UK government to hold another referendum on if the UK should leave or stay in the EU.

This may very well be the answer to solve this whole problem.

During the counts in the referendum, for a short while the pound gained strength, which shows that there was faith in the way things were looking like going towards.

I voted 'remain' which I think the rest of the UK should have done. We are stronger united than apart, both as part of the United Kingdom and a united European Union. 

Politics are not my favourite topic of conversation, but the EU Referendum sure has got the UK talking.... and arguing 


  1. It wasn't Labour that made the fake promise about the money for the NHS. It was the 'leave' campaigners, first and foremost Boris the Clown and Michael Gove.


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