2017 Catch-up

It's been a while since I last wrote a blog on here, so its catch-up time.

Well after a great half a year with a great guy, going to festivals and enjoying each others company, things went down hill. We split up over something daft, and those of you that know me well, will know I am not that good when it comes to break-ups (friends or other) and tend to fall apart.

Well that's what happened, and for the last few months have been on antidepressants, which have been messing up my sleep pattern, and my get up and go most days has almost gone.

Health wise, apart from going down in to depression, I am now on an inhaler for my breathing (cold, hot and windy weather makes it really bad)

I am reliant on my car even more now for getting out, can't do buses or walk that far without getting out of breath. My housing support worker decided earlier in the year to put in an appeal for my PIP, which is coming up now later this week.

I recently had my medical for ESA, still waiting to hear about that/

I am trying to keep going with life, trying to find things to fill my days with. So far I am a member of the Rose Hill Quarry Community Park Group and also the Seaview Green Space, and also go for a cuppa and chat every Thursday in a local Bonymaen church.

Have made some really great new friends, but do want to thank the following for being supportive over the last few months - Juliet, Su, Janet, Gemma, Bill, Bradley and also Angela.

Me and Angela have been through a bad patch, she is a strong woman, and its great to be back in communication with her again.


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