Gloucester Trip 2017

A few days ago, I decided I needed a day out, so went to Cardiff to pick up Bill, my friend who now has his own flat (I'm sure he will get used to living alone, I know I am)

Anyway, we took a trip up to Gloucester, a really nice city, and I parked the car in a car park that was nice and cheap, £2 for 4 hours, not bad at all as paring goes.

Took some photos there and on the way back, which you can see online on my Facebook

Gloucester Photos

On the way back we went via Lydney, which has a harbour, it sits on a bank of the River Severn

Lydney Harbour Photos

We also stopped in Tintern, which is famous for its Abbey 

Tintern Photos

One photo I took in Gloucester was of part of an old building, church or something, and through a door way you can see some street art on a wall, on it is a quote

'The people believe what the media tells them they believe' quote from George Orwell


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