#Brexit 2 month's away

#BREXIT isn’t far off, but Mrs. May’s plan crashed out during a vote in Parliament.

At the moment lots of companies are planning on moving from the UK, and those that are staying are planning on scaling back.

UK regions such as Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland would have been entitled to a 22 per cent raise in support from the EU under the budget plans for the 2021-2027 period, up from the €10.6 billion or £9.3 billion that the UK receives in the current 2014-2020 budget package, according to the report, by a network association of European regions.

This funding loss will be most keenly felt in two regions: Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, and West Wales and the Welsh Valleys. These are classed as ‘less developed regions’, and currently receive most of the UK’s regional funding.

The UK must not crash out with a #NoDealBrexit , it would be far better for one of these to happen:
1: #Remain
2: #ThePeoplesVote
3: stay in the #CustomsUnion
4: enter a #NorwegianStyleBrexit

If we crash out with #NoDeal Northern Ireland will end up with a #HardBorder and Scotland may decide to leave the UK in a second independence  #ScottishReferendm  and stay in the EU

To keep the UK as one, it must be better for the UK to #Remain



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