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Had first part of my vaccine - edited 14th March

So, Saturday I had the first part of the Covid vaccine. I had the Oxford AstraZeneca one. Don't get me wrong, I am over joyed to have been called up for it, but the side effects since are not too good, but as people keep telling me, "it's a sign it is working", geee, thanks for that!

Before I go any further I want to say a massive thank you to AstraZeneca and also the University of Oxford, and the Swansea Bay NHS health board for getting this out.

During yesterday afternoon my arm started hurting and then I started feeling as if I had a head cold coming on. Later in the evening my mind got a bit foggy.

Day two since first part of vaccine jab, I was woken at about 5am this morning. Feeling worse,  , woke up in a pool of sweat, and somehow managed to squash my pillow up and out of its pillowcase in the night.

The sweat I could have done without, it was horrible waking up to that, when all I wanted to do was stay in bed, waking up in sweat just made me have to get up so I could strip the bed! as for my pillow... can't answer that one.

So sleep seems to be another one of the side effects, seems to be coming in spirts at the moment, twice this afternoon already, I must make my bed from scratch.

Day three since the vaccine jab (part one), and woke up swimming in my bed, sweating again, I did kick the duvet off the bed in the night, and it seems I, once again, attempted to strangle my pillow. My nose has cleared, have a sore throat and am aching so much, it's not my normal aching feeling, it seems it's like a throw of aches over my normal ones. My arm has gone numb 😔

Day Four after my first vaccine jab, feeling a little out of sorts, mind fog has descended again but with having a bit of fibromyalgia I am used to that now. I didn't sleep much, as kept rolling on to the arm I had the jab in, you see I knew I should have had it in the left arm instead of the right as I sleep better on the right, or at least, I did!  It is very tender still, but the pain seems to have gone that was there - so that is a big 👍, I can only hope that this is the turning of the corner. Now how many times will I either nod off or get the urge to head to bed for a nap 🤔

You know, I thought after first part of my vaccine I would be fine and very positive and upbeat about the future, hard to be positive when the thing has floored me. Feeling tired again... flippin' 'eck 😫 Maybe it's on time release like some funky pain meds are? and the bit I am probably waiting for isn't due to be released in to my system for a few days yet? Can't wait for the second part of my vaccine.

Day Five since the jab, How do that work? I am more tired now than when I went to bed? 😕 My feet and hands are like blocks of ice this morning... Ohhhhh so cold extremities. Not long after getting up and out from under the duvet, I was sitting on the sofa wrapped in my fleece blanket and nodded off. Seems a friends husband is going through a problem time after his vaccine...
"My hubby had the vaccine last night and has been shivering and shaking all night and spouting rubbish in his sleep, but better that than to have the virus"

Day Six since the first jab of the vaccine, feeling ok 🌞 this morning, thank goodness, just my regular aches and pains like my neck and shoulders and back. So I finally got to sleep through the night, no waking up until 6:15am, now to wait for my second dose.
There is a worrying thing going on though, people being called for their 2nd jabs early, some less than a week. There should be a gap of around 10 to 12 weeks shouldn't there?. My Dad had his first jab 6 weeks ago, he has had a letter and text saying to go for his jab next week 🤔

REMEMBER - even when you have had your first jab, PUT YOUR MASK ON 😷 as there are still many to protect who have either not yet had their first jab, or chosen not to have one, and no one is fully protected until they have had their second, even then it is unchartered waters

I'm wondering when my second vaccine jab will happen? and when I have it will I still get side effects?

To be continued...


  1. Very sorry to hear you are feeling bad, i really didnt think you would get any side effects from that Vaccine but as you have other health issues that is making things a lot worse for you. I'm not that good today got aches and pains and feel tired, dont think i will be doing much today. Try and rest up as much as you can and hope you feel better soon x

    1. As I have said to you, my health is a massive problem. I have a lowered immune system thanks to my two weekly injection, I have asthma, am an insulin controlled diabetic, on two types of tablets for my slight heart issue, and statin for my blood. I knew I would get affected, just didn't know how bad it would get. I do not live my life disillusioned about things. While you may live your life blinkered to issues that affect you, I do not.
      Get your head out of the sand, look around you. Only you can change things wrong in your life. You can do the things I have told you to do, or you can keep going how you are. End of.

  2. Pretty much my experience so far. 3 days feeling v rough with fevers etc and now just feel v weak on day 5! All I read is people have no reaction or just one day of fever then better. Thought I was only one still suffering.

    1. so pleased to be able to re-assure you side effects are suffered by others too, you are not alone


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