Updated 17th March: Oxford-AstraZeneca vac suspended in parts

 Now I am not one to panic or worry but..... nahhhhh, who am I kidding


I have just read this on Twitter

The Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine has been suspended in the Republic of Ireland

Ireland’s health ministry NIAC recommended the move following reports of serious blood clotting events in adults in Norway, BBC News reports. Meanwhile, WHO said countries should not stop using the vaccine due to there being no link between Oxford-AstraZeneca and an increased risk of developing a clot. The Public Health Agency in Northern Ireland said it would "closely monitor" the situation.

Photo via @Reuters

@BBCWorld News said, In a statement, Northern Ireland's Department of Health said it administers vaccines under the "expert direction of the MHRA".

It said it had received guidance from the MHRA in light of the vaccine's suspension in the Republic and that the "roll-out of Northern Ireland's vaccination programme will continue".

The Department of Health also said a "further expansion of the programme will be announced very shortly".

Chair of the British Medical Association NI's GP committee, Dr Alan Stout, said it was important that anyone with a vaccine appointment scheduled attends it as planned.

"We are confident that the vaccine is extremely safe to use and it is one of the key facets of our fight against Covid-19," he said.

Photo via @BBCNews

Saturday 6th March I had the first part of this vaccine, with my current health conditions, do I need to be worried about this news or not? I am on two tablets for my blood / heart, as well as other medication. I need to know if I will be safe, or am I about to croak?

This is a real concern for me, and I am very VERY worried

UPDATE 17th March: So 37 cases of blood clots in the EU and UK, and 7 deaths, it's nothing big, and far less then a normal year. After sitting doing nothing for a year blood clots are bound to occur, you start.moving about again after getting your first vaccine, the blood clot moves... that is not rocket science. Any fatalities from the vaccine are far less then deaths from Covid. Get your vaccine, have your jab, get your life back.

I heard on BBC's The One Show yesterday that you do get side effects from the first dose of the Oxford Astra Zeneca one, but side effects from the second dose of the Pfizer one.

REMEMBER: After your vaccine, you still must wear your mask, social distance and clean your hands to prevent any spread to those who have not yet been vaccinated


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