On the 'UK' Green List

On the UK's 'green list' is South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. According to Wikipedia....

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands is a British Overseas Territory in the southern Atlantic Ocean. It is a remote and inhospitable collection of islands, consisting of South Georgia Island and a chain of smaller islands known as the South Sandwich Islands. 

There is no permanent native population on the South Sandwich Islands, and a very small non-permanent population that resides on South Georgia.

There are no scheduled passenger flights or ferries to or from the territory, although visits by cruise liners to South Georgia are increasingly popular, with several thousand visitors each summer.

Ok, so how do people even get there if they are inhospitable? ....just asking 🙄

Sovereign state = United Kingdom
Separation from Falkland Is. = 3 October 1985
Capital/largest settlement = King Edward Point
Official languages = English
Currency = Falkland Islands pound (£) (FKP)
Time zone = GMT −02:00
Date format = dd/mm/yyyy
Driving side = Left
Calling code = +500
UK postcode = SIQQ 1xx
Internet TLD = .gs


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