Mental Health: Feeling Empty

I was standing in the kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil, with my walking stick in hand, looking out the window, I had a feeling of emptiness as I stood. I made my tea, went out in to the hall, cuppa in hand, sat on the sofa feeling down, until Smokie jumped up and meowed at me then started purring - bless him.

I have a friend, Su, who has lost her cat Minnie. Seems she may have wandered off, but I have noticed a number of black cats that have gone missing lately around Swansea.

I have been talking to Smokie, and thinking. I do think Smokie needs to be with her. At Su's Smokie can go outside to frolic in the 🌞 sun and be company for her. 

While it pains me to have to give him up, I feel it will be best for him in the long run.

He has his toys and his boxes what would go with him, with familiar smells on them, I could still spoil him lots. 

I think I need a dog so I have a reason for going out and get gentle exercise. I have tried twice to put Smokie on a harness, wasn't a success either time 😔 

This May I would have had him a year, a year of company a year of joy, a year of memories. I think it will be the right time to pass the fur baby on to her.

I now feel more empty 😔

Smokie, such a sweet boy, copyright Philip England

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