Mind Games and Heat - Sunday 17th July

 The mind is a strange thing, a few days ago a name popped in to my head, that name was Jason Campbell.

I did a search on LinkedIn and found him, dropped him a message and we started chatting.

Another name entered my mind then, Andrew Sampson, he was a strange kid, he had a strange family set up, he used to sit in the passenger seat of the family car and change gears, he was a strange kid. Sadly found out from Jason that Andrew was getting off a bus, slipped, hit his head and sadly died. RIP Andrew

Now, why can I remember things from the past, yet can't remember what I have to do or what medications I have to take?

We are currently in a bit of a heatwave, its too hot to move or do anything. Trying to stay cool and keep hydrated. I'm a fragile flower in the heat, I will probably wilt!

Got a bit of a tingle at the moment, its kind of a sign a flareup is on the way, just what I need extreme heat and pain... not good.

EDIT 18th July 2022: I was right about the flare up, in great pain, and hot and sticky with it


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