Tuesday 12th & Saturday 16th July 2022


Blog Entry: Tuesday 12th July 2022

Yesterday I went to Singleton Hospital to have my bloods done, I have got a doctor’s appointment on the 21st to see the Diabetic Nurse, will find out the results of those then.

Been to dentist today, had three fillings. No other planned dental work to be done right now.


Blog Entry: Saturday 16th July 2022

Been dropping things a lot the last few days, not really too sure why. Messiest mess was pasta and sauce with cheese on top…. what a mess, not sure how but it ended up all over my landline phone, the side of the sofa, the phones USB charging cable and even found a bit of pasta in a pot plant!

It was lucky that I had a friend’s two dogs here this weekend to look after (they looked after me, more than me look after them!), they are really good at cleaning up dropped food!


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