New Year Same Shi... First blog of 2023

New year, same shi.... know what, let's change that bit, there are some things we can't change in our lives, but there is so many things we can, so lets put a positive spin on this and let's do it!

Same old issues to start the new year. Still no change with the vision in my left eye, and still no change with other bits of my health either.


As the new year went on, and as we hurtle towards the end of the month, have been getting woken up with pain. Managed to speak to my doctor, who is going to be writing to the hospital specialists to sort out a further appointment for my aches and pains. She says it is inflammation causing me pain.


I’ve been on Imraldi injections:-


This information taken from

Imraldi is a medicine that acts on the immune system and is used to treat the following conditions:

  • plaque psoriasis (a disease causing red, scaly patches on the skin)
  • psoriatic arthritis (a disease causing red, scaly patches on the skin with inflammation of the joints)
  • rheumatoid arthritis (a disease causing inflammation of the joints)
  • axial spondyloarthritis (inflammation of the spine causing back pain), including ankylosing spondylitis and when there is no damage on X-ray but clear signs of inflammation
  • Crohn’s disease (a disease causing inflammation of the gut)
  • ulcerative colitis (a disease causing inflammation and ulcers in the lining of the gut)
  • polyarticular juvenile idiopathic arthritis and active enthesitis-related arthritis (both rare diseases causing inflammation in the joints)
  • hidradenitis suppurativa (acne inversa), a chronic skin disease that causes lumps, abscesses (collections of pus) and scarring on the skin
  • non-infectious uveitis (inflammation of the layer beneath the white of the eyeball).

Imraldi is mostly used in adults when their conditions are severe, moderately severe or getting worse, or when patients cannot use other treatments. For detailed information on the use of Imraldi in all conditions, including when it can be used in children, see the summary of product characteristics (also part of the EPAR).

Imraldi contains the active substance adalimumab and is a ‘biosimilar medicine’. This means that Imraldi is highly similar to a biological medicine (also known as the ‘reference medicine’) that is already authorised in the European Union (EU). The reference medicine for Imraldi is Humira.

Here is a post from my Facebook wall



I await appointments.



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