Recipe: Root Veg Soup

Recipe: Root Veg Soup

This one is a sugar snap and root ceg soup, so get your big saucepan out and start making nourishing warming soup. 

This soup is, as already said, full of root veg

4 carrots 
3 parsbips
3 medium sized potatoes
1 bag of sugar snap peas
Boiled water
Salt, Pepper, Garlic Granules, Parsley

Now, first of all prep your veg. Peel and cut the root veg in to small bitesize pieces, and tip the bag of sugar snap peas in to the pan, no need to cut or open these, just chuck them in whole.

To the pan add your seasoning and a few dessert spoons of gravy granules.
Boil a kettle of water, and pour about 2 pints into the pan.

Stir all together and then turn the heat on under the pan, bring to the boil and let boil for 15 mins, then turn down to a simmer for a further 15.

Turn the heat off, and keep the lid on, and leave to the following day. The residual heat in the pan will keep cooking the soup.

The following day check how the veg has done, if the veg is still a bit cruchie just being to the boil again. When the veg has lost its crunch, it's ready.

Serve with some nice wholemeal bread, no butter or spread needed.
You should have enough for a few days. For future bowls of soup, just warm up in the microwave.


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