Spicy and Fruity Chicken Curry


I was inspired to do this after watching a Rick Stein series on BBC iPlayer.

This recipe is for a rather nice chicken curry. To start with diced chicken in to a bowl with coconut milk and a little turmeric.

In to a frying pan goes some fennel seeds, cumin seeds and cardamom pods lightly toast these, the cardamom pods pop open and smell devine!. Once this has been done grind the fennel, cumin and cardamom (minus their pods) ready for the next step, take some time to smell the spices... it's magic!

In to your chosen pan put some oil (I use either sesame or ground nut oil) and gently fry some chopped onion and grated garlic. Add the just ground spices along with Garam MasalaSalt, a little Cayenne Pepper (by the way, the heat should be low, don't burn it!), also put in your chopped pepper.

After about 10 minutes throw in the chicken, minus the coconut milk it was bathing in. Once the chicken has browned put in the coconut milk and add the sultanas.

I normally leave anything I create to develop for at least 6 hours, time really is a food creators’ helper. The flavours will dance together and enhance over time, believe me, your taste buds will thank you.

Serve with your favourite rice. I use packet microwave rice because it is simple and easy to do, whole grain is healthier.

Red Pepper
Cumin seeds
Fennel Seeds
Garam Masala
* Cayenne Pepper

* This can be rather person specific, I don't like it too hot, so don't use too much. If you are wondering why Sultanas, they soak up some of the liquid and become little juicy flavor bombs.


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