Bad times in November

On the night of Friday 6th in to the early hours of Saturday 7th November, started a nasty period for me, this is how it unfolded in real time of then....

Friday, had a really bad night, was woken up at 3am, not by my cat, but chronic pain still got some now but it is easing (at time of typing this on Saturday), I hate it when it hits, really stops me dead, Its like tingling through my nerves, get sounds in my head, throbbing in my back, skin goes uggy and itchy.

A little better today (at time of typing this on Sunday) thank goodness. Bit flushed but I'm improving, will never be 100% ever, but far better than yesterday. Was hardly 2% on Saturday, Sunday however about 40% so still a long way to go. Will push myself to step out side later for a bit.

(Today - Monday) feel about 70% which is almost normal. I have been down to about 30% I guess before, never down to where I was in the early hours on Saturday morning. I tried to keep it all together and managed it. Dark room, keeping cool, keeping hydrated throughout, kept trying to move as much as I could, was a struggle, and was in agony. Needed so much to be held by someone, this Covid has a lot to answer for, I had to suffer by my self couldn't even have friends over to help me. My cat did stay close and kept an eye out bless him.

Now, normally my daily pain is about 25% to 40% peaking at 45%. After the weekend above, this weekend (21st & 22nd November) I woke half way late night/early morning with pain at about 70% thinking 'here I go again', lucky it didn't get to the dizzy heights of the weekend above

Why do things seem to happen to me at weekends?

Saturday 28th NovemberWent out earlier came back, and now have a problem. I somehow aggravated my back getting up stairs in my block, slipped on a step and fell back 2 steps, in shear agony, I know it will pass but right now in so much agony you wouldn't believe. It has been like it for a number of hours now, pain SLIGHTLY eased, but still in agony.


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