27th July - Another Bad Health Day

 So another really bad, bad health day.

Woke up hardly able to move, in total agony 😔. From my neck right down to my knees, and feeling very sick with it. It' just as well I have an empty bucket close to the bed along with a flask of water.

Really hate getting days like this, seem to be getting them at least once every two weeks. When I am not this bad I still get some days when I am unable to get downstairs, so am really a prisoner in my flat, unable to get out side in to the fresh air.

It really is doing my head in when I am stuck in. If I was in a bungalow or a downstairs flat, at least I would stand a fighting chance of getting out side.

I was sent some exercises to do from physio at Morriston Hospital, done some, but not all yet. I find it is best to do them on my pine wooden chair as it don't move when I am trying to move.

I have got another virtual video call coming up on 5th August in the afternoon, but before that an appointment at Singleton Hospital.

I have spoken to Family Housing, it is possible that I could be moved in to more suitable accommodation either with them or moved in to somewhere with another housing association or council. All I need is a letter from specialist at the hospital.


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