Recipe: Prawn & Tomato Pasta

Prawn & Tomato Pasta 
(inspired by a Nigella dish)

First of all cook some pasta in a pan
While it's cooking in another pan pour some olive oil.

Cut come cherry tomatoes around the equator, add these to the hot oil, taking care as they will spit! Add some grated garlic and some salt, when Nigella did her version of the dish she added chilli flakes, but I'm not a fan, so I'm choosing to add a squirt of ginger paste for a warming taste.

In the pan next add your peeled uncooked prawns, cook them until they have turned pink. 

Strain your pasta, and add it to the other pan, along with some chives and parsley.

Combine, serve and enjoy.

I want to thank Nigella Lawson for the inspiration for this one.

Ingredients List
Olive oil
Cherry tomatoes
Uncooked prawns
Ginger paste


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