India could be the answer

Been watching The Real Marigold Hotel on BBC iPlayer, where 8 senior citizens go to India to see if they could retire out there, or at the very least, see if they can get their health issues sorted out.

It got me thinking if I should look in to treatment elsewhere in the world to get my problems sorted out, as it seems I have fallen down in to the cracks of the NHS system as things are not bad enough to go in and fix just yet, and one injection I am on has stopped Ankylosing Spondylitis it in its tracks but its not making it get better, yet its not bad enough to go in and fix.

My neck has problems as well that needs looking at, spinal cord damage apparently. I also have issues with both my knees and my left hip and leg in between.

Going to somewhere like India has to be an option, I can't keep living between the gaps of a system, being a drain on the NHS for my medication month after month, year after year, it is no way to live.

If I went private in the UK it would cost thousands, out in India its only hundreds. I'm really considering it. To the extent that I have been trying to do research and have been in touch with a few private hospitals around the Mumbai area for information.

Any one know in the UK if the DWP can help make this happen?

The Real Marigold Hotel - BBC / TWO FOUR PRODUCTION


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