Covid - Anti Body Test and Masks

 I was invited by the ZOE COVID-19 app to order a Covid anti-body test.

I have the ZOE C-19 app on my phone and report how I am feeling on a daily basis as I am in their symptom study.

The package arrived with lancets, a little test tube with lid and alcohol wipes. I followed the instructions, and filled the tube with blood from my middle finger.

I packaged the tube up as requested and sent it off, I dropped it in to the Royal Mail Sorting Office Priority Post Box on Friday morning.

I had an email on Sunday morning saying in the last six months it was unlikely that I have had Covid.

Now, with restrictions easing in England from Monday morning, I was shocked to read about a selfish member of the Royals, which one I hear you ask, Prince Charles.

If others follow his example then it will be clear that a huge number of people living in the UK are actually sheep that follow the flock and ONLY DO THINGS when told to.

Everyone has a brain of their own, why on earth don't you use it?. Think of others, not just yourself.

PLEASE keep wearing your mask in crowds and enclosed public spaces, shops and such like. Think of others who may not have had the vaccine. 

Even with the vaccine you can still spread it and contract it (science shows this

PLEASE think of others, and STOP BEING SO SELFISH. I have seen photos of people partying in various area of the UK and other places, in crowds with not a mask in sight.

We all want this to end, we do not want another winter of lockdown do we?

Will you continue to wear your mask? In the comments please post what you will be doing or continue to do in order to prevent the spread.


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