Dogs in high heat

A friend of mine posted this on her Facebook page yesterday after seeing a chap walking his dog in the heat of the day on a beach in Swansea.

Just a reminder, PLEASE DO NOT walk your dog in the heat of the day, the ground, be it pavement or sand, can be extremely hot and can burn the paws of your dog. 

It can take as little as 15 minutes for a dog to die of heat stroke. Dogs do not have sweat glands, so the only way to regulate their body temperature is to be in the cool, and panting.

Tarmac radiates heat as quickly as it absorbs it. For example, if it’s 20° air temperature, then the tarmac can be 35°. Too hot for a human to walk on, so too hot for a dog to walk on. This will cause blistering and burns to their paws. Meaning expensive vet bills, and not to mention excruciating pain for the dog.

In my mind anyone who walks their dogs in this heat has no right to own a dog as it is obvious they do not care for it in the least. If you see anyone with a dog out walking have a polite word with them or report them to your local police.


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