Two Appointments Today 05/08/2021

I had two appointments today.

The first one this morning, in Singleton Hospital, with Dr Nash (Rheumatology). He just wanted to touch base in person. He poked and prodded a bit to see where and if I was tender in places. He did find a few areas, still feeling where he located them even after 5 hours passing from the appointment.

The second was a virtual one, a video call with physiotherapy at Morriston. They say I'm doing ok with the exercises I was given, keep doing them, but if I get in too much pain don't keep going, just stop. If the pain keeps about for over half hour after then I have done too much.

I also have to remember to stop beating my self up over things that I have no control over. Things will improve, just have to give things time.

With having Ankylosing Spondylitis and Osteoarthritis, coupled with a slight heart condition and also fibromyalgia (specialist today in Singleton said it seems it is a sure thing that I have that due to being lethargic, run down, pain everywhere, brain fog and being tender in places) I can't really control or fix those things, I just have to learn to live with them.

Yes it is annoying, yes I want my life back how it was, and yes I know I won't, but I just have to make the best of a bad situation and do what I can when I can and don't over do it.

It don't help that my GP stopped the Gabapentin, as it seems I was getting some good out of that. In a way its good that did stop it, as it is always good to find out that something was actually doing its job and worth taking to control some aspects of the problems, even if not stopping things fully.

On with life then


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