Energy Switch - Boost to OVO

I'm switching from 
Boost (pay as you go) to OVO (pay monthly) 
for my electric and gas.

This is the first step to switching my energy provider,  Boost and OVO are owned by the same company. I will update this story as things move along!

With switching from Boost to OVO the following things will happen...

1: My credit meter will be switched over from a credit meter to a debit meter (all done via their mobile network, without human intervention)
2: My monthly spend will be reduced down by about £10 to £15 a month.
3: I will STILL be able to apply for the Warm Home Discount. Switching now will mean I won't miss the Warm Home Discount application process.
4: Switching will make it easier to switch energy provider in future.

The initial call to Boost went very well. The switching process was explained to me in a way I could easily understand

As a PRIORITY CUSTOMER (due to my health and disability) the same team I currently deal with / speak to will be the ones I speak too when switched over!

UPDATED 23rd September: Well the switch has been easy and painless, and I have had an email from OVO following the recent news about gas prices, and it says that they are in a strong position to get through this difficult time and are thinking about their customers!

For more about the Warm Home Discount scheme, visit this UK Government webpage 

For more on Boost Pay As You Go Energy visit

For more on OVO Energy visit

For more info on switching your energy provider/s visit


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