2022 into 2023


Looking back 2022, Looking forward 2023

As 2022 comes to a close, a quick look back and forward.

I'm thankful for having my friends and making new ones, Carl and his two dogs, Cosmo and Harley.

Dog sitting at home for Hannah's dog Nero, and looking after Gilby for Del, also looking after Cosmo & Harley for Carl.

There are loads of people I've not seen this year due to various reasons, mostly down to eye sensitivity to bright lights and being unable to drive safely. I want to and must rectify that in 2023.

Online, new friends include Wozzey, Steve and Jake. I've reconnected with a childhood friend from Ipswich, Jason.

On Twitter with the star of BBC sitcom No Place Like Home, Dee Sadler; also former BBC news reader and star of the BBC's The Real Marigold Hotel series, Jan Leaming. I feel so proud to have connected with them and be in their universe.

My health isn't good, but one thing has changed for the good, I'm no longer on insulin 😊.

Going down to Surrey to dog sit was great, a break I needed, the driving was far from enjoyable for me due to left eye blur.

So looking ahead, the one thing I hope for is my vision back properly in my left eye, it's not much to ask for. I want to do a bit more travelling in the new year.

I will keep doing my radio shows on Islands FM 107.9 and online on Moorlands Gold which will soon be on DAB in Staffordshire. I hope to be able to return to the airwaves of Bro Radio at some point, and maybe another station or two.

Take care, stay safe, stay well and have the best 2023 you can.

Sending love to you all 😘💖💕


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