I really do have very little sympathy for strikers across the UK right now, sorry I just don't.
We all went through the Pandemic, all facing fuel and food price rises. 

A large proportion of the public are not on index linked occupational pensions, and can't strike or have no means of redress. 

The country is deep in debt thanks to the Conservatives, there is no 10 Downing Street Money Tree.

At least you have a job, lots still don't after getting laid off during the pandemic.

If you are not happy then vote for another party, get the Conservatives out of power, make your voice heard, write to your MP, don't bring what is left of this country down and disable it any more than you have done. 

Keep pushing forward, write those letters. Your MP will listen, they will take notice, they have to, it is their job, it is why we vote for them. If we all write demanding an election and also a vote on getting back in to the EU, they will have to pay attention.

Together we WILL get through this, don't vote Conservative next time.


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