Wales moves to alert level zero

FROM THIS MORNING, 7th August 2021:- 

Wales has moved to Covid alert level zero, meaning social distancing rules and most other restrictions have now come to an end.

PLEASE NOTE: This applies to everyone in Wales and all those from everywhere else who come in to Wales, with no exceptions!

Almost 17 months after Wales' first lockdown, nightclubs are allowed to reopen and meeting indoors is permitted.

Face masks are still required in most public indoor places, but not in pubs, restaurants or schools. They will still be needed on public transport across Wales.

From 6am on Saturday, August 7 many of the legal Covid requirements will be lifted. 

This will include the fact that masks will no longer be required in hospitality settings. Social distancing is also no longer a requirement.

But First Minister Mark Drakeford has warned against a "free-for-all".

On a personal note, I would say to keep wearing masks in crowds, and with in large indoor gatherings even entertainment venues where possible. Do you really think the virus can tell the difference between a shop or in door entertainment venue?.... I think not. Protect yourselves and others I say!


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