Wallop; what a life... NOT!

 It is sure annoying, when you go somewhere and can't do what you really want to do because the pain is so great.

Was down in Wallington dog and house sitting, and went out to walk the dog, Nikki, in Richmond Park.

Started out ok, but soon went down hill. My knees started playing up clicking and popping, then my left hip followed by my lower back. Had to sit down and take a few pain killers.

The next thing that occured wass I started to get problems with my breathing and a tight chest, nothing too bad, but enough to knock the wind out of my sails. 

Headed back to the car and went back to the house.

Once back I tried to relax and rest. Even sitting out in the sun in the garden didn't really help. The heat did with my back and other body pains, but the air was so still, dry and hot that I could hardly breath.

Later in the evening I started to get more pain, all over, pins and needles overload, thumping headache and felt clammy.

Had to go to bed, even though I wanted to watch a few films on the TV.

My life is really getting dictated to by my pains and issues, to the extent that I feel like just giving up.

Every time I want to do something to break the mold of my dull boarding existence that is my life, my health jumps up and hits me, wallop, no life today

I am really fed up.

As I type this my neck and shoulders are killing me, as well as the top of my back and down to my left hand.


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